Facebook Timeline Changes Everything

In this article, we have featured Facebook Timeline Changes Everything When I first saw the new Facebook News Feed components this week, I was a little taken aback. Because I like the way I created my own lists, the new ones irritated me the most. However, on Wednesday night, I spent a couple of hours … Read more

Guest Posting – How to do it in a proper way

guest posting

Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam specialist, pronounced guest blogging dead in 2014. On his site, he remarked, “Guest blogging is done; it’s too spammy.” His statement sparked doubt. Guest blogging: dead or alive in marketing? After a backlash from the SEO community, Cutts clarified that he meant guest blogging as a link-building tactic was dead. Guest … Read more

7 Tips for Blogger Success In 2022

In this article, we have featured 7 Tips for Blogger Success In 2022. Bloggers want their blogs to prosper. Most bloggers define success as gaining followers. Regardless of when or why you began your blog, a few modifications can improve things. Check out our 7 blogging tips. 7 Tips for Blogger Success In 2022 1. … Read more

Should I use a free blogging platform or go with a self-hosted one?

Blogging Platform

Self-hosted blogs are definitely something you’ve heard of if you’re thinking about creating a blog. A self-hosted blog, especially if you’re trying to project a professional image, is generally recommended by the majority of individuals. Then, what is a self-hosted blog? You can establish a blog for free using other services, so why do you … Read more